Secure Upload Area

You can upload up to 10000 MB total. The maximum size for an individual file is 1000 MB.

IMPORTANT Before proceeding please make sure

  1. You have read and understood everything in our Leak FAQ

    In particular please take care that your submission is
    • in line with the kind of material we are looking for
    • as clear as possible (as high resolution as you can make it, as many documents as possible etc.)
    • going to be understandable to our reviewer. If any of the contents need explaining, please include a message or a text file with the upload.
  2. All filenames are alphanumeric (letters and/or numbers) only

    Note this also means no spaces. Non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed for security reasons. In Windows, you can rename a file by right clicking on it and selecting 'Rename' from the menu.
  3. The files you upload are malware free

    If any one of the files you upload fails our malware scan, we will ditch the whole upload without opening any of the files. If you are in any doubt, and you are able to do so, please take a moment to virus check your files before submitting them.
  4. Your upload does not include executables

    Unless you can convince us there is a valid reason, we won't run any executables you submit (e.g. files with extensions like ".exe" or ".bat" under Windows) - so generally there is no point including any.

How it works

  1. Upload the files

    Select the files you want to upload, and complete any optional fields as desired. Then fill in the captcha and click 'upload'.
  2. Note down cache label and cache key

    Once upload progress has reached 100% you will be presented with a cache label and cache key.
  3. If at a later date you want to

    • check on the status of your submission
    • upload additional material
    • communicate with us about your submission (and you didn't provide an email address)

    then you should note the cache label and cache key and keep them in a safe place.

  4. Check your submission periodically

    If it is possible, we would like you to do this, because we may have questions about the material you uploaded. You can communicate with us without us (or anyone else) knowing your identity by using the cache label and key you were provided. If you do not wish to communicate further then please select "No, not at all" from the communication options when you upload.

Upload Form

Optional Fields

You do not need to fill in any of the fields below. The only requirement is that you upload 1 or more files. (If you don't have anything to upload, but wish to communicate with us anonymously, please upload a blank text file. If you just want to get in touch and don't need anonymity, then please see our general contact page.)

All information you choose to include will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Can we communicate with you about your upload?

You plan to track your upload periodically and respond to any questions using the Islam Leaks website. Your identity will remain anonymous.
You are happy to respond by email. Only choose this option if the information you are disclosing does not put you personally at risk.
You prefer to communicate by a method other than email, or via our website. Please specify details of your preferred communication method
You don't wish to communicate further.

You can include a message below:

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